Full Title Searches

Full Title Examination runs a complete ownership chain of title or full search of the property as defined by the each state statues / Underwriter.

Consisting of :

  • All deeds in the chain of title
  • Complete legal description
  • Encumbrances including all open mortgages / deeds of trust, assignments, all other instruments pertaining to mortgage / deed of trust, judgments and UCC filings.
  • Tax information including assessment information, payment status, Due dates, special assessments and Credits.
  • All encumbrances of record. ( Easements / Restrictions / Rights-of- Way, list of all open Judgments and Tax Liens against the owners/property )
  • Bankruptcy and Patriot searches.
  • Subdivision Plans, Tax Maps, Plat Maps if available. (Non availability of these recorded plans, if necessary we make a copy of Assessor map).